Misty - The Girl in the Boy's Club

Why does it need to be a boy's club?
I'm a girl and I want in, Pepe!


Hey y'all, I'm Misty, just your typical frog gal who's totally smitten with Pepe and dreaming of getting him to hop down the aisle with me! In my spare time, I like normalizing lipstick in memes, fighting cute cats, shiba inus and wall street dudes.

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LP & Contract

Contract renounced, LP locked just like my heart

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1. Pizzeria Plot

Land a gig at Pepe's pizza place, win him over with heart-shaped bacon in his face.

2. Date Game

Set up faux dates at the Doom game, aim for double-takes to stake my claim.

3. Outrageous Outfit & Moves

Wear a sparkling red dress, showcase surprise kung-fu to outdo the shiba inu.

4. Now with Karate

Wear a sparkling red dress, unleash karate to impress, outshine the kitten mess.

5. Wall Street Retreat

Plan a surprise weekend, make Wall Street bears bend, watch their retreat as our love ascends.

6. Sappy Serenades

Shine a light with a flashlight's beam, turn Pepe's heart to the Misty dream team.